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Pool Open Water Swims
to benefit
Special Olympics Open Water Swimming
Aloha Splash Facts

Swim Date:
Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kennedy Shriver Aquatics  
Center (formerly known as the
Montgomery Aquatics Center
(MAC)), North Bethesda, MD

Swim Distances:
150 meter
500 meter
1,500 meter

Open Water Safety Clinic to
review starts, turns, and

Check in opens at 4:00 PM
Aloha Splash begins 5:00 PM
Clinic & Demonstration Swim
begins at 5:15 PM
Races begin at 5:40 PM

$15 150m Swim
$30 500m Swim
$40 1,500m Swim

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Special Olympics Open Water

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Aloha Splash
Pool Open Water Swims
to benefit
Special Olympics Open Water Swimming
Saturday, April 6, 2013
Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center, North Bethesda, Maryland

Swim Distances:
150 meter Fun Swim - 500 meter - 1,500 meter
Aloha Splash
Pool Open Water Swims
to benefit
Special Olympics Open Water Swimming
WaveOne Swimming - Open Water Swimming
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver
Aquatic Center
5PM - 9:00PM

Swim Distances:
150 m  - 500 m - 1,500 m
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Participate in the Washington metro region's only
Pool Open Water Swim event and raise money for a
GREAT cause!

Welcome to the
Second Annual Aloha Splash Pool
Open Water Swims
to benefit Special Olympics
Open Water Swimming.
Last year Anne Whalen
McLIndon created Aloha Splash uniting her passions of
open water swimming and helping intellectually disabled
swimmers. This year she leads her WaveOne team to bring
more awareness and swimmers to make 2014 more
successful than ever. Join her in the pool for fabulous open
water swimming, fun and supporting Special Olympics open
water swimming!!

At the 2011 Special Olympics World Games in
Athens, Greece -
35 athletes participated in the 1500
meter Open Water Swim Demonstration. The 2015 Special
Olympics World Games will be held in Los Angeles where
Open Water Swimming will be an official sport. The goal of
Special Olympics is to have 100 athletes properly trained,
race prepared, and at the start line of the
2015 Special
Olympics World Games 1500 meter Open Water Swim
. Aloha Splash through its participants, sponsors, and
donations will help Special Olympics reach this goal.

Within each of us lie tools to change the world….
Here are  
With your support, we can shatter all forms of preconceived notions
and societal limitations placed upon individuals with intellectual
disabilities and provide athletes with greater challenges and
potential for achievement. Every Special Olympics athlete is entitled
to quality training and competition experiences that challenge them
in the sport of their choice.
Help us help them!

What is a Pool Open Water Swim?

This is a fun and challenging way to bring open water swimming to
the pool.
WaveOne Swimming (, a
national leader in open water swim training, created this unique
pool experience for new and seasoned triathletes and open water
swimmers. Lane lines and bulk heads will be removed and buoys
dropped in to create a 150 meter course. The simulated open water
swims will provide an early season opportunity to practice in-water
starts, sighting, chasing buoys, and pack swimming.

Join us for an exciting afternoon and experience the joys of open
water swimming in an indoor environment!
aloha splash aloha splash alohasplash
Thank you to all our
swimmers and
volunteers. Thank you for
supporting Special
Olympics Open Water
See you next year...